Growing child as a metaphor for routing through a building


Near the old center of Delft, a daycare center and out-of-school care were needed. The concept of the building is the spiral, which symbolizes the growth of a child, as he discovers new things while walking or crawling through the building.

The route architectural of the spiral is an accumulation of play spaces and activity spaces, the only obstructions are formed by the group spaces and necessary spaces. Changing sightlines and voids are used as elements of surprise. The spiral culminates in the rooftop play area, where a “secret” staircase or slide takes you back down to the partially covered play area.

The program has been placed in a rectangular mass, which is reminiscent of the closed block of the old Dutch city center. The verticality of the transparent facade – which reveals what is happening inside – creates a contrast with the horizontally articulated polycarbonate cladding of the more privacy-oriented group spaces.


TYPEStudy project