Making people happy in their environment, that is what is important to me. Making wishes tangible and experienceable. From the first sketch to the final details and choices of materials. Together with you as the client. To design is after all a process that you go through together, in which you inspire and enhance each other in order to get the best results.

During this process we examine your wishes and ideas and reduce these to their essence. This is the starting point for the architectural design.

I prefer clear arrangements of plans, open spaces and rigid lines. But pleasant and attractive places are also as important, cosy niches and nooks where you can distract from daily life. Use of light is essential: architecture is also the field of tension between light and shadow.

In a good design the building forms a part of its environment, instead of behaving like a autonomous art object with no relation to its surroundings. By combining sustainable and innovative possibilities with traditional building methods, I always come with new solutions.


2013 – presentRoel Van Lent Architectuur
2016 – 2018Freelance architect at Marc Koehler Architects, Amsterdam
2012 – 2014Junior architect at Koen van Velsen Architecten, Hilversum


2019 – presentChairman at BAI (Bosch Architectuur Initiatief)
2016 – 2018Organizer at the BAI (Bosch Architecture Initiative)
2010 – 2012Participation in a Architectural Research Group with young architects from several European countries


2005 – 2009Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
 MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
2001 – 2005Avans Hogeschool ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
 Building technology